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  • Accidents happen. We've specialized in them for over 30 years. Let us help you get back on the road.
  • No appointment? That's OK, we welcome walk-in patients, even if you're new.
  • Is back pain preventing you from enjoying life? We've been relieving back pain for the past 30 years. Let us help you today.

Auto Accidents

first aid iconYour body produces endorphins to numb the pain of an accident. It can take weeks to wear off. Patients who aren't evaluated by a doctor risk the chance of long-term pains that appear after the accident.

Low Back Pain 

doctor iconAs specialists, we perform non-invasive treatments that relieve debilitating lower back pain caused by bulging, herniated, degenerative or ruptured discs; as well as sciatica, posterior facet syndrome and pre/post surgical patients.

Personal Injury

hazard iconIf you've been injured, our therapists have the skills and technology to get you back on your feet.


Simple Rules for Healthy Eating

Simple rules for healthy eating


There’s a lot of advice out there about what kinds of food you should be avoiding. Here’s a more positive approach.